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Denny Kuller
Denny has been repairing and refurbishing furniture and antiques since 1991. He makes every effort to renew your furniture or antiques at reasonable costs. His attention to customer service and his reasonable rates seperate Denny's professional workmanship from his peers. 

On-site Furniture Repair:

Mobile furniture repair can support most of your furniture repair needs on-site. Furniture pick-up is available when on-site repair isn’t practical. From start to smooth finish, Denny will pick-up your furniture, perform the necessary work in his shop and deliver the final product to your door.

Furniture Refurbishing:

This amazing service involves pick-up of your wooden furniture, coordinating your refurbishing needs, with one or more of his suppliers or vendors, and delivery right to your door. Refurbishishing your furniture so it looks incredibly new again.

Antique Care and Repair:

A perfect way to care for your precious pieces. Specializing in wood restoration, your antiques will shine in a new light without losing value. Regular polish and maintenence services will enhance many antiques longevity and appearence. On-site or pick-up options are available.​

Denny Kuller, Owner
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